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Table 1 Sequence motifs of cis-acting elements found in uceA1

From: Isolation and functional characterization of a cotton ubiquitination-related promoter and 5'UTR that drives high levels of expression in root and flower tissues

Motif sequence
(letter in Figure 3)
Motif name Motif site
Strand Expression
(a) CTCC Unnamed 4 -293/-290 + Unknown
(b) CGTGG Unnamed1/3 -245/-241 - Unknown
(c) CGGTCA MBS -242/-237 + MYB Binding Site; Weak homology to the consensus TAACTG/CAGTTA involved in Bz2 gene activation and R and C1 factors
(d) ATTAAT Box 4 -229/-224 + Part of the pal conserved DNA module array (pal-CMA1) involved in light responsiveness
(e) GTCAT Skn-1 motif -149/-145 + Required for high levels of endosperm expression in cooperative interaction with others motifs (AACA, GCN4, ACGT)
(f) ATACAAAT ATGCAAAT-motif -127/-120 - One base mismatch; Associated to the TGAGTCA motif (GCN4) separated by two bases in tandem
(g) CAAT CAAT-box (4) -92/-89 + Core promoter; common element in promoter and enhancer regions; about 50 bp from TATA-box
(h) CCATCTTTTT TCA-element -72/-63 + Involved in salicylic acid responsiveness; one TCA-element does not confer salicylic acid responsiveness, more than one might do it
(i) TTATAAAA TATA-box (19) -44/-37 + Core promoter; element found from -50 to -20 of the TSS
(j) TCTCT Y Patch -17/-13 + Core promoter; found between -100 to -1 of TSS
(k) Pyrimidine/Purine YR Rule -1/+1 + Core promoter; Transcription Start Site (TSS)
(l) AAAAGTTAGTTA MBSII -1/+11 - MYB binding site involved in flavonoid biosynthetic genes regulation
(m) CGTCA CGTCA-motif +107/+111 + Involved in the MeJA-responsiveness; associated with its complementary sequence TGACG 15 bp downstream (palindrome)
(n) TGACG TGACG-motif +107/+111 - cis-acting regulatory element involved in the MeJA-responsiveness
(o) CTCC Unnamed 4 +115/+118 - Unknown
(p) CACGTT G-Box +225/+230 - cis-acting regulatory element involved in light responsiveness
light responsive element site associated to Box II and P-box to confer elicitor-mediated gene activation in a number of phenylpropanoid genes
(q) CTCC Unnamed 4 +298/+301 + Unknown
(r) AATTATTTTTTATT AT1-motif +316/+329 + Part of light responsive module
(s) TTTCTTCTCT 5'UTR Py-rich stretch +328/+339 + Region in the 5'UTR conferring high transcription levels without the need for other upstream cis elements except for a TATA-box
(t) CTCC Unnamed 4 +400/+403 - Unknown
(u) ATTTTCTCCA TC-rich repeats +431/+439 + cis-acting element involved in defense and stress responsiveness
(v) CTCC Unnamed 4 +435/+438 + Unknown
(w) AGAAACAA AE-box +462/+469 - part of a system composed of 3 to 4 Gap-boxes and 2 AE-boxes, conferring light responsiveness
  1. Sequence motifs of the cis-acting promoter found in uceA1.7 obtained using PlantCARE software [1].