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Figure 1

From: Isolation and functional characterization of a cotton ubiquitination-related promoter and 5'UTR that drives high levels of expression in root and flower tissues

Figure 1

Multiple protein sequence alignment of the E2 family members in cotton. G. hirsutum-1 to 4 correspond to the protein sequences [GenBank:AAL99220.1, GenBank:AAL99222.1, GenBank:AAL99221.1 and GenBank:AAL99219.1] [45]. G. raimondii, G. thurberi, G. arboreum and GhGDRP85 [GenBank:AAL99225.1, GenBank:AAL99224.1, GenBank:AAL99223.1 and GenBank:EU373075.1], respectively. The cysteine residue required for ubiquitin binding is indicated by an asterisk. The alignment was performed using ClustalW [55] and identity/similarity shading was performed with BoxShade 3.21.

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