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Table 3 Parameters of NOX immobilization onto agarose via different chemistries.

From: New biotechnological perspectives of a NADH oxidase variant from Thermus thermophilus HB27 as NAD+-recycling enzyme

Activated agarosea Immobilization yield
Ψ (%)b
Expressed activity
Ae (%)c
Gx-ag a 85 60
CNBr-ag a 100 80
IDA-Cu 2+ -ag a 100 80
  1. a 6BCL agarose was activated with different functional groups as methods described in order to immobilized NOX through different chemistries, giving each one different properties to the final insoluble preparation. b Immobilization yield was calculated as follows; Ψ (%) = (Supernatant activity after incubation with the support/Supernantant activity before incubation with the support)*100.c Expressed activity was calculated; Ae (%) = (Activity/g of support)/(Immobilized activity/g of support)*100.