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Table 1 Summary of Agrobacterium expression constructs used during this study

From: Effect of codon optimization and subcellular targeting on Toxoplasma gondii antigen SAG1 expression in tobacco leaves to use in subcutaneous and oral immunization in mice

Vector Insert clone name Protein name cell compartment targeted
pZPVX SAG1 (full-length protein) pZPVXSAG1a PVXS Cytoplasm
Pzp SAG1 (full-length protein) pApoSAG1a AS Apoplast
Pzp nS (last 14 codons removed) pAnS AnS Apoplast
Pzp oS (last 14 codons removed and plant-optimized SAG1) pAoS AoS Apoplast
Pzp KnS (last 14 codons removed) pKnS KnS Endoplasmic reticulum
Pzp KoS (last 14 codons removed and plant-optimized SAG1) pKoS KoS Endoplasmic reticulum
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