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Table 4 Continuous expression of p24 protein from several transgenic insect cell lines as determined by ELISA.

From: Use of the piggyBac transposon to create HIV-1 gag transgenic insect cell lines for continuous VLP production

Cell line and passage number gagtransgene presence (PCR) Gag expression:
pg p24/ml culture supernatant (1.5 × 106 cells)
pXLNeoGag passage 7 in Sf9 cells + 129.87 pg/ml
pXLNeoGag passage 13 in Sf9 cells + 129 pg/ml
pXLNeoGag passage 23 in Sf9 cells + 75.47 pg/ml
pXLNeoGag passage 93 in Sf9 cells + 606.6 pg/ml
  1. The presence and active transcription of the gag transgene in the Sf9 cell line pXLNeoGag, was confirmed over several passages using PCR and p24 ELISA screening, respectively.