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Figure 3

From: A mutant Pfu DNA polymerase designed for advanced uracil-excision DNA engineering

Figure 3

A new Pfu-sso7d fusion DNA polymerase that is compatible with uracil-excision cloning. (A) Illustration of the modular structure of the Pfu-sso7d DNA polymerase and the oligonucleotides used to fuse the Sso7d gene to Pfu. (B) Agarose gel electrophoresis of whole plasmid synthesis PCRs performed with five different Pfu-based DNA polymerases and either standard (normal) oligonucleotides or dU-containing primers. The five different DNA polymerases are PfuTurbo (T), Phusion (S7), PfuTurboCX (TX), Pfu-(V93Q) (X) or PfuX7 (×7) and the molecular marker (M) is kb+ (Invitrogen).

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