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Table 1 Rescue of plasmids from stably transfected cells and injected mice

From: pEPito: a significantly improved non-viral episomal expression vector for mammalian cells

# plasmid HEK293
30 d.p.t.
30 d.p.t.
mouse liver
32 d.p.i.
1 pEPI-1- [CMV-IEP]- [EGFP-IRES-BSD] 3/3 0/9 n.a.
2 pEPI-1- [CMV-IEP]- [EGFP-IRES-BSD]-ΔMARS 0/9 0/9 n.a.
3 pEPI-1- [hCMV/EF1P]- [EGFP-IRES-BSD] 3/3 -/9 n.a.
4 pEPI-1- [hCMV/EF1P]- [EGFP-IRES-BSD]-ΔMARS -/9 -/9 n.a.
5 pEPito- [CMV-IEP]- [EGFP-IRES-BSD] 3/3 3/3 n.a.
6 pEPito- [CMV-IEP]- [EGFP-IRES-BSD]-ΔMARS -/9 0/9 n.a.
7 pEPito- [hCMV/EF1P]- [EGFP-IRES-BSD] 3/3 3/3 n.a.
8 pEPito- [hCMV/EF1P]- [EGFP-IRES-BSD]-ΔMARS -/9 -/9 n.a.
9 pEPI-1- [CMV-IEP]- [Luc] n.a. n.a. -/9
10 pEPito- [CMV-IEP]- [EGFP::Luc] n.a. n.a. 3/3
11 pEPito- [CMV-IEP]- [EGFP::Luc]-ΔMARS n.a. n.a. -/9
12 pEPito- [hCMV/EF1P]- [EGFP::Luc] n.a. n.a. 3/3
13 pEPito- [hCMV/EF1P]- [EGFP::Luc]-ΔMARS n.a. n.a. -/9
  1. First column: consecutive vector numbers and systematic vector names. Second and third column: rescue from HEK293 and NIH3T3 at 30 days post transfection (d.p.t.). Fourth column: rescue from mouse genomic liver DNA of mice sacrificed at 32 days post injection (d.p.i.). The first number always indicates the number of rescue experiments were plasmid DNA could be rescued without any rearrangement from the isolated chromosomal DNA. The second number indicates the total number of performed rescue experiments. '-' indicates that no clones could be obtained by a particular rescue experiment; n.a.: not assayed.