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Table 1 Summary of temperature- and lysozyme-sensitivity of C. glutamicum lysozyme-sensitive mutants and complementation by the ItsA gene

From: L-Glutamate production by lysozyme-sensitive Corynebacterium glutamicum ltsAmutant strains

Strains Parent strains Growtha Lysozyme-sensitivityb Complementation
     by ItsA gene c
KY9703 ATCC 13032 tr s -
KY9704 ATCC 13032 ts s +
KY9705 ATCC 13032 tr s -
KY9706 ATCC 13032 ts s +
KY9707 ATCC 13032 ts s -
KY9708 ATCC 13032 ts s -
KY9713 KY9611 tr s +
KY9714d KY9611 ts s +
KY11939 KY9611 tr s +
  1. a tr, temperature-resistant; ts, temperature-sensitive. bs, sensitive to lysozyme.c +, complemented; -, not complemented.d KY9714 was described in the previous paper [12].