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Figure 4

From: A surrogate-based approach for post-genomic partner identification

Figure 4

HCV-eIF3 Binding Motif. Alignment of eIF3 with surrogate peptides containing the TxRLL motif. surrogate peptides were obtained by panning a portion of the 5'UTR of HCV mRNA using both the 20 mer and 40 mer random libraries. Peptides HCV-3-F5 and HCV-3-H8 were obtained from the 40-mer library from the same pan. Peptide HCV-NG-D9 was obtained from the 40 mer library using modified experimental conditions. Peptide HCV-3-C3 was obtained from the 20 mer library. Consensus sequences are in bold and underlined. Sequences outside the motif that are conserved between the surrogates and eIF3 are in Italics and underlined.

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